Your pet can pick up
worms from everyday activities

Only regular worming really gets rid of worms
Repeat and Defeat Easy to remember: Treat at start of season

Regularly treat your pet with Drontal® to control all intestinal worms for up to 3 months

Keep harmful intestinal worms at bay with the Drontal Allwormer® range. From puppies or kittens to adults, small to large fur-kids, the Drontal® range provides an easy way to treat your pet at every stage of their life.


Effective vet strength formula

The active ingredients in Drontal® effectively breaks the life cycle of roundworms, hookworms, whipworms and tapeworms to keep your pet safe. Used regularly, Drontal®, in conjunction with a flea and tick treatment and heartworm prevention, is the ultimate defense against parasites

For use with kittens from 3 months of age and puppies from 2 weeks.


Dogs & Puppies

For puppies and small dogs, use Drontal® Puppy Suspension from two weeks of age.

The liquid formula makes it easy to dose. Tablets and palatable chews make it easy to treat dogs of all sizes. They can be halved to match your dog’s size as the formula is evenly distributed.

Match Drontal® with a flea and tick treatment and heartworm prevention, and you’ll have the best defense for your pet against parasites


Cats & Kittens

We know it can be challenging giving your cat a tablet.

Drontal® Cat Allwormer tablets are designed to make treatment a little easier with a smooth rounded shape and coating to help your cat swallow them down.  Use with kittens from 3 months of age and match with a flea and tick prevention for the best protection against parasites.

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Treat every 3 months

Forget trying to remember to treat your pet monthly, use Drontal® and treat every three months. To make it even easier to remember, dose at the start of each season.

Where to Buy

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