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How to Tablet Your Cat the Easy Way

Giving your cat a pill or tablet can be challenging. Read on to find tips that can help.

Try hiding the pill or tablet in your cat's food

While it’s true that some cats can be a little resistant to taking pills, we know that it’s what’s best for their health. But, there’s no need to feel daunted by the idea of needing to pill your cat — it’s actually easier than you might think! 

Below, we’ll show you how to pill your cat the easy way with three simple tips! 

Tip 1: Hide the Tablet or Pill in Their Food

Some cats will be all too happy for you to hide a pill in their food — especially if it means they get to eat something tasty. Make sure your cat is hungry, then pop the pill in their favourite wet food, fish, or a small piece of low-fat meat (like chicken or turkey), making sure it’s completely hidden.

If your cat eats the food, double-check that they’ve also consumed the pill and that it hasn’t been spat out or left behind — some cats are experts at finding buried medications. 

Try hiding the tablet or pill in their favourite food

Try hiding the tablet or pill in your cat’s favourite food

Tip 2: Try a Pilling Gun

Don’t worry! A pilling gun (also known as a pet piller) isn’t as scary as it sounds. It’s a handy device with a rubber end to hold a pill and a plunger that safely and accurately administers the pill to the back of your cat’s throat. Pet pillers are a fast and effective option for trickier kitties who don’t take well to bribery. If you’d like to try a pilling gun, you can pick one up from most vet clinics or pet stores.

Tip 3: Pill Your Cat by Hand

If your cat doesn’t want to take the pill with food or the assistance of a pilling gun, you’ll need to push the pill past those teeth by hand. But, never fear! All you need is a gentle, calm, and confident approach. 

Gently press your cat’s cheeks against the molars to keep its mouth open. Next, drop the pill as far back on its tongue as you can get it — the further back it is, the less likely they’ll be able to spit it out. Then, gently hold your cat’s mouth closed and give a little puff of air into its nose (trust us, this works). Finally, take your hand off your cat’s mouth and see if they lick their nose – if so, your mission is a success!

Why You Need to Get Comfortable With Pilling

In addition to other medications, your cat needs a regular deworming treatment every three months to keep them safe from the dangers of intestinal worms.* So, it’s important to get comfortable with pilling your cat. 

The good news is that Drontal Allwormer® is elliptical shaped and film-coated to make it easier to administer than other brands on the market. It also treats and controls eight intestinal worms in cats, so you can rest assured your furry friend has the ultimate protection. 

*From three months of age, refer to label

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