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10-Step Care Guide For New Dog Owners

In this post, you will learn the top 10 tips on adding a new dog to your family.

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Deciding to add a furry addition to the family is a big commitment. After all, keeping your new dog happy and healthy goes beyond showering them with love and attention— although that’s important too!

This 10-step guide for new dog owners will break down how to provide the best possible care so that your pet can thrive.

Step 1. Keep Their Teeth and Gums Healthy

Healthy teeth and gums aren’t just about preventing stinky breath. Brushing your dog’s teeth with pet toothpaste and getting regular check-ups prevents oral infections that can seriously harm your dog’s other organs too.


Step 2. Go For Daily Walks

Getting your dog out of the house for daily exercise is a great way to deepen your bond and help them socialise safely with other animals. Taking in the smells and sights will boost endorphins and make your dog’s day. 


Step 3. Attend Regular Vet Check-ups

Your dog should be making at least one annual trip to the vet (unless they have special conditions that require more frequent care). These check-ups will take care of any health issues that might pop up. 


Step 4. Get Them Microchipped

There’s nothing worse than losing your dog, but thanks to microchipping, finding them is a whole lot easier! Don’t rely on tags or collars that can easily fall off. Instead, getting your dog microchipped means a local vet can scan your dog, instantly see your contact details, and get them back to you.


Step 5. Feed Them a Good Diet

A healthy diet and fresh water will help your dog thrive! Many brands claim to provide a balanced diet, but it’s always best to talk to your vet about what’s best for your dog’s size and breed. 


Step 6. Play and Enrich Their Lives

A happy and healthy dog needs to play and have fun! Giving your dog a range of toys to play with will keep them busy, stop boredom, and prevent destructive behaviour. Make sure they also have a bed and space they can make their own.


Step 7. Get Them Fixed

Once your puppy is old enough, you’ll need to get them spayed or neutered. It’ll help stop unwanted behaviour, prevent several health issues, and make sure you don’t wear the cost of looking after a litter down the track.


Step 8. Manage Their Weight

Obesity can take years off your pet’s life, cause diabetes, heart disease, joint issues, and a host of other health problems. So, while you might want to indulge your dog with a few extra treats, the kindest thing you can do is keep its weight in a healthy range.


Step 9. Vaccinate Against Doggy Diseases

There are a few shots your dog will need to keep them safe from preventable diseases. Your vet will talk to you about a vaccine schedule for all essential vaccines and any extras they might need depending on where you live and how often they travel.


Step 10. Stay On Top of Parasite Control

Your dog’s habits expose them to a range of parasites that can wreak havoc on their health — that’s why regular heartworm, flea, tick, and intestinal worm treatment is essential. Choose an Allwormer that controls and defends against all 12 intestinal worm species and can partner with other treatments.

You're All Set!

By following these ten simple steps, you’ll be giving your pet a happy, healthy and enriching life for years to come. If you’re looking for a dewormer that will keep your pup safe throughout their life, make sure you check out Drontal Allwormer®. It comes in a range of chews and tablets to suit dogs of any size. Ask your vet about Drontal Allwormer® today!

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