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How to Treat Intestinal Worms in Dogs at Home

You think your pet might have worms but not sure how to treat them? Read on to discover everything you need to know.

If you suspect your favourite pooch may have picked up intestinal worms, your first reaction might be to panic. You hate the thought that your pet might be in any discomfort, and you haven’t budgeted for an unexpected trip to the vet. Read on to find out how to treat intestinal worms in dogs at home!

Before we tell you how to treat them, here are the key signs to look for if you suspect your dog might have intestinal worms:

  • Diarrhoea or changes in the consistency or frequency of their bowel movements
  • Vomiting or stomach upsets
  • A pot-bellied appearance
  • Low energy
  • A change in appetite
  • Scooting on its behind.

Here’s the good news: there’s no need to rush out to the vet just yet! In this post, we’ll give you the rundown on how to treat worms in dogs at home — so keep reading to learn more.*


Can Dogs Get Rid of Worms on Their Own?

If this is your first time dealing with intestinal worms, you might be wondering if your dog can naturally get rid of them on its own. Unfortunately, the answer is no — your dog will need help.

Allowing worms to resolve on their own will only cause them to spread, putting your pet and your family at risk. After all, some worm species can infect humans too, so it’s best to get started with treatment right away.


How to Treat Your Dog’s Worms at Home

Thankfully, you can buy highly effective deworming treatments over the counter at any good pet store. At first, you might feel a little overwhelmed by choice and unsure which solution is best for your pet. So, ask these questions when choosing an allwormer for your dog:

  • Does it protect from all 12 intestinal worm species?
  • Is it safe to partner with your pets’ other treatments?
  • Is it easy to use and enjoyable for your pet?

What’s the Best Deworming Treatment for Dogs?

If you want to ensure that your dog is protected against all intestinal worm species, then Drontal Allwormer® is a great option! It’s perfect for dogs of all shapes and sizes and comes in a range of chews and tablets.

You can also rest easy knowing that Drontal® is safe to partner with your dogs’ other treatments — including heartworm, flea and tick prevention — making it the perfect way to combat parasites for dogs.

You’re All Set!

You’re now armed and ready to treat your dogs’ worms at home. But remember keeping your pet safe from worms isn’t just a once-off —  your pet’s habits expose them to infection every day, so it’s important to repeat and defeat!

Make deworming a part of your dogs’ regular care routine by treating them with Drontal Allwormer® every three months once they’re over six months old to keep those pesky parasites at bay.

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*Please note, this advice is general in nature and for uncomplicated worm infection in adult dogs. Please always seek the advice of your vet if you have a puppy or an adult dog with underlying health issues.

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